Saturday, January 27, 2007

Taxes have begun

We started working on our taxes today. We think we will be getting a return so we want to get it done soon! If we were going to pay we would file on April 15th. :-)

Last year we used TurboTax Online and it worked really well. This year we are using it again and we even get a discount through my work.

At one point ShaggaBear had to stand behind me and rub my neck and tell me, "it's okay to breath." I guess I get a little frustrated with the process. It does not always work how I expect it to. TurboTax was also showing a nasty red number at that point that we were going to have to pay. Now it is looking much better and the number is back in the black. We should get the rest of our documents in the next week and then we can finish it up.

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ShaggaBear said...

It's ok to BREATHE! It will be over soon. And hopefully we'll have some $$$!