Saturday, January 20, 2007

Assumptions about Reality

We all make assumptions. These ideological assumptions are the basis upon which we each build our own world views. For example, the atheist assumes from the start that there is no God, whereas the theist starts with the assumption that God exists. These assumptions force us as individuals into a certain lines of thinking.

Most assumptions are not able to be scientifically proved or dis-proved. Assumptions require a level of subjective belief or faith in the idea proposed.

Here I will attempt to define the assumptions that I base my world view on.


God exists. This makes me a theist.

How do I know God exists

God reveals Himself to us. He does this generally through nature and specifically through the Bible and through Jesus Himself. This is the major sticking point in my assumptions. Some believe that there is a god but that he does not reveal himself to man. On the contrary, I believe the Bible to be the very words of God. This belief becomes the solid foundation my entire framework of reality.

Why do I believe the Bible is God's word? While there has been a great deal of documentation and evidences collected that support its historical accuracy, I have no objective "proof" to offer. I have read the bible through many times and I find it to be the most comprehensive and cohesive work upon which to base my life. Thomas Jefferson did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God but he did feel that Jesus was the greatest ethical teacher that ever lived. I believe that the great success of our nation can be attributed to its early foundations that are rooted in Biblical concepts. If you have not read the Bible, I challenge you to read it for yourself and not take what you hear others say about it.

The nature of God

God is knowable (I am not agnostic). The following are a list of "25 Cent Words" that help to describe the nature of God. God is self-existent, eternal, transcendent, immanent, personal, immutable, omnipotent.

Life and Matter

All that exists was created by God out of nothing. There are two major beliefs on this subject. Evolution and Creation. My other assumptions place me firmly in the Creation camp. There is also just as strong, maybe even better, scientific evidence for Creation (aka Intelligent Design) as there is for Evolution.

The nature of Man

Man was originally created perfect. When the first man and woman sinned their nature was corrupted. All men are now born in a corrupt state and are in need of a savior. Most men (humans, men and women) think that good deeds will be able to "save" them. God sent his Son to pay the penalty for our sin and take God's judgment for us. We cannot earn this gift but God offers it to us freely.

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Sandman said...

God: I believe in God

The Nature of God: I believe that God is compassionate and loves us beyond measure, I also believe that He is a lot more relaxed about things than most people believe.

How do I know God exists: I don't, but I can make a pretty reasonable assumption that he does, because the chances are too low to say that this reality is an accident. plus there is new revelation every day. I firmly believe that you cannot know that God exists, only believe.

Life and Matter: I don't get into genesis, I believe the big bang and evolution, but I tend to believe it happened like this...

Ok, in the beginning, God was all that existed, so he created the universe via the big bang (I won't go in to the whole big bang theory because most people know it anyway). Then over the course of time God formed the Earth and gave it lifeforms that would evolve as He wished them to. When He was satisfied that He had crafted the human race in His image, He endowed them with the soul. I believe intelligent design and evolution go hand in hand. I also believe Eden may have existed at one point, and was probably where the soul was given. (take notice, since that time we have appeared to have stopped evolving, which I believe supports the theory, I also think that in order to keep us busy (scientifically) He gave us these mysteries).

The Nature of Man: I believe that man is a harborer of evil from birth, however that can be changed (note* I did not say that man was evil, I'm sticking to a 3 evil policy). I believe that Jesus is indeed "the way the truth and the life," but I also believe that God would not condemn someone who does not know about this to Hell. I.E. Muslims, or Jews, I would imagine that very few of them are not born into their religion. It is hard to say that someone isn't gonna get to Heaven because they didn't know any better. I believe that their standards are a bit different. Plus, many people never even hear of Jesus, if everyone did the world would've ended by now (as I have been told by Daniel), I don't think that God will hold it against them either.