Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Morning... ahhh

I like Saturday mornings. I get to sleep in a little. Abby usually comes in and demands breakfast about 7:00 AM but that is at least two extra hours of sleep for me. I get up and make breakfast for the fam and then if there is nothing pressing we kinda take it slow the rest of the day.

Today we are going to the zoo. Abby is SOOOOO excited! She was in bed with us asking when we were going... are there going to be giraffes... is it time to get up yet? It looks like it will be a good day for the zoo. Low to mid 70's with a little cloud cover.

Happy Saturday!

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Exquisite said...

I hope Abby gets to see her giraffes finally, it was disappointing when we didn't get to on the last zoo trip :(