Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our Schools? - Part 2

In a comment to my last post my good friend Dale asked, "do you oppose the mandatory drug testing for teachers who apply for the job to teach our children? I don't see where that is different..." This is an excellent question and deserves consideration. Take a look at his comment. He makes some very good points.

I think drug testing for school teachers is a good idea. I actually think it is a good idea for day-care workers and anyone else who will be working closely with young people. The key is that when they apply for the job it is their choice. There is no government law forcing them to take that job. If the job requires anything they do not like they do not have to apply for the job.

Children are required by law to attend school. This law is enforceable by the police at gun-point if necessary (I am being extreme to make the point). Sure they can home-school or go to a private school but the vast majority of our children go to public school. For many families public school is the only practical option.

The reason the fourth amendment was added was to guarantee the government will not violate our rights as individuals. I am concerned about the precedent that is being set here. If the government is allowed to drug test children without probable cause what is to stop them from changing the test to something we do not agree with? What if they decide to psychologically test our children to make sure they are appropriately tolerant of the h*mos*xual lifestyle?

"That would never happen!" you say? Check out this excerpt from the Family Research Council:

[Isaiah Washington] checked into an inpatient treatment facility to "undergo intensive counseling about his anti-g[*]y feelings." In America, this liberal brainwashing could easily become a norm should the first step of passing radical "hate crimes" legislation be approved by Congress.
Now this is liberal Hollywood but there is a strong national agenda for this type of action. They would love for there to be tolerance education and random testing of our children. If they fail the test they can continue in their extracurricular activities if they agree to go to intensive counseling.

Shouldn't the fourth amendment protect us from this type of action? While drugs are a huge problem and random testing could help curb this problem, I feel it opens a door for government intrusion into our lives.

Well this should be my last rant on this soap-box. While I do feel strongly about this as a constitutional issue, the constitution is not Scripture. Psalm 115:3 says, "Our God is in the heavens, and he does as he wishes." There are many times God uses nations (governments) to bring correction to His people. Our duty is to pray that God will grant His wisdom to the School Board and those around them. Amen!


piano boy said...

The only thing I have to say is that this is not the Federal Government mandating this. If it were the Federal or even the State Government doing this then I would have problems with it. However, this is an extremely local issue. We directly elect the leaders who make these decisions, and they only affect our local school system. Because it is a local issue I think that the ramifications are not as great-especially since this is an issue where national relevance can vary from region to region. I know there are a lot of questions raised by this issue and I agree that the best thing we can do is to pray.

Dale said...
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Dale said...


You know I love ya man...and I deeply respect your opinions and feelings. I just have a few quick comments.

You are correct, Children are required by law to attend school, but they are not required to participate in extracurricular activities. That's where the loophole starts. The testing is for only those who wish to participate in sports/band/etc. Strictly voluntary activities, not just for everyone who comes to school.

Does the fourth amendment apply where schools have installed metal detectors and have armed guards at their doors? Every student - in fact EVERY PERSON - who enters that building is scanned, and gets searched if they set off the alarm. Where is the probable cause in that??? It happens when we enter the courthouse here in town. You will not get past the front door without walking through the metal detector. Are my rights being violated there too?

How about scanners at the airport? Why are they scanning ME? I didn't give them any cause whatsoever to scan me or my personal belongings.

Or let's get a little more personal to me :) Why is that policeofficer shooting me with his laser? what probable cause does he have to check my speed? You realize they don't just check those that they "think" are speeding don't you? They shoot everyone driving by.... And then if they are really having a good day they will ask you to give them permission to search your car. They will look in your trunk, under your seats, in the glovebox, etc., trying to find something. If you refuse the search, then things just get worse... try it sometime :) I'll bail you out.

I agree with your last statement whole heartedly... "Our God is in heaven and He does what pleases Him" I also agree with Isaiah 55:8-13 (NLT)
8 “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.

9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

10 “The rain and snow come down from the heavens and stay on the ground to water the earth. They cause the grain to grow, producing seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry.

11 It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

12 You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!

13 Where once there were thorns, cypress trees will grow. Where nettles grew, myrtles will sprout up. These events will bring great honor to the Lord’s name; they will be an everlasting sign of his power and love.”

Amen! (I think my comment was longer than your post brother! HA!)